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Since carafem’s inception, we’ve been proud to announce that we offer abortion care and are not afraid to advertise it. Part of our mission is to destigmatize abortion by publicly talking about it like any other healthcare service and by raising awareness about just how common it really is – one in four people obtain an abortion in their reproductive lifetime. We’ve garnered a lot of media from our unapologetic approach and look forward to continuing to bust abortion stigma while offering compassionate and convenient reproductive healthcare.


carafem is here to serve anyone and everyone in need of an abortion. Abortion is a common form of healthcare and carafem believes it should be treated like any other medical experience. Abortion stigma is also real, and pervasive, so carafem is committed to fighting it by using the word abortion, frequently, and at normal talking levels. To help reinforce that abortion is normal, carafem unapologetically uses the word in all of our communications, both marketing and otherwise, to help smash stigma and start a conversation. We have done this from day one and will continue to do so, including in our latest brand awareness video.


2021 “21st century abortion care”  DIGITAL ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN

At home video visits for abortion care? Yeah, we do that. In-center options? Yeah, we do that, too. Whether our clients prefer the convenience of the abortion pill or want to have an in-office procedure, it’s important people know they have options when it comes to abortion care. At carafem, we work to meet our clients where they are, be it in the comfort and privacy of their own home or in one of our health centers so we created this short, simple video to highlight and emphasize how carafem does just that.



During a time when some policymakers are working to place increasingly restrictive laws that aim to put abortion out of reach, many are concerned about their rights as well as their access to abortion and reproductive health care. carafem is speaking out about the importance of people being allowed to decide what’s best for them when it comes to their medical care.

2018 Digital Campaign

We were excited to announce we spent the month of March in a conversation highlighting our focus on client-centered abortion care and how technology makes it easier and more convenient for clients to schedule appointments and stay in touch.

Washington, DC; Atlanta and Augusta, GA, January – March 2017

We started off 2017 by launching our new “10-Week-After Pill” advertising campaign. The concept was a play-on-words of the “morning-after pill.” The advertisements intended to raise awareness that the abortion pill is different from emergency contraception — a major misconception we hear time and time again — and that it’s effective for up to 10 weeks. The strategy was threefold

Washington, DC and Atlanta, GA College Campuses, Fall 2016

We eagerly awaited the launch of our new birth control ad. As a holistic provider of reproductive health care, birth control is an important part of the services we offer. This ad was designed to encourage safe sex by highlighting our customized birth control options. It also included some emojis, since emojis are a timely and big part of communication in this day and age. The ad was fun and had a positive, friendly, and playful tone. We were excited to get the message out.

You can imagine our surprise when, on the day the campaign was supposed to be live, our media partner Blue Line Media reached out to let us know none of the almost 30 locations in downtown DC would run our ad. The establishments were not required to cite a reason, they just simply said “no.”



Atlanta, Georgia – Billboard, May 2016

Atlanta billboard ad


DC Metro Area, April 2016

print ad resized


University of Maryland,  April 2016



DC Metro Area, January 2016


DC Metro Area, November 2015



DC Metro Area, April 2015