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carafem’s Latest Ad to Raise Awareness of Abortion Services

From day one at carafem, we set out to do something different. Founded in 2013, carafem was created to be a nimble, innovative abortion provider who centers our clients in everything we do. From visiting our website to coming to a brick-and-mortar location or accessing care via telehealth, carafem empowers people to make decisions and choices that are best for them, without an ounce of judgment — just easy to understand information and high quality care.

carafem is here to serve anyone and everyone in need of an abortion.

Abortion is a common form of healthcare and carafem believes it should be treated like any other medical experience. Abortion stigma is also real, and pervasive, so carafem is committed to fighting it by using the word abortion, frequently, and at normal talking levels. To help reinforce that abortion is normal, carafem unapologetically uses the word in all of our communications, both marketing and otherwise, to help smash stigma and start a conversation. We have done this from day one and will continue to do so, including in our latest video.

We created this video as a way to quickly and easily show who we are and what services carafem provides. Within the first 5 seconds of the video, we proudly state that carafem is an expert in abortion care. It’s the most important message so we wanted to lead with it. From abortion to birth control to STI testing and treatment, carafem can help.

Cara, and carafem, are here for you

The video also highlights “Cara”, our text-based virtual assistant who accompanies all clients in their abortion care. Named a top three advancement in femtech by Fast Company in 2023, Cara was created to help guide clients through their medication abortion. The most commonly used medication abortion regimen consists of two medications, each taken different ways, at different times, and have different side effects. Cara works in partnership with clients to create their personalized plan based around their schedules, then follows up with instructions, checking in with clients every step of the way, all the way through to their negative pregnancy.

Since Cara first launched in 2019, carafem’s medical team has cataloged tens of thousands of questions we’ve received from clients and created customized, compassionate, medically accurate responses for Cara. To date, Cara has exchanged over 1.2 million messages, helping people through their care in the middle of the night, on weekends, and every single holiday. If Cara is ever unable to fully answer a question or if further medical support is needed, clients are seamlessly connected with a member of their care team.

Cara Is Not Your Cable Company’s Chatbot

Most importantly, carafem’s clients love Cara. Many of them forget she’s not a real person, such as this client who refers to Cara as a nurse in their Google review:

Affordable at home abortion care

Finally, increasing access to abortion is why carafem was created so we partner with numerous abortion funds, both national and local, to offer financial assistance and accept insurance for in-person appointments and video visits in select states to help make this care more accessible for our clients. By doing so, the cost for an at home abortion ranges from $0 to $225 depending on need. We transparently share our pricing for both online and in-person care — something that’s hard to find in most medical experiences.

carafem. Here for you. Always.

To close out the video, we wanted to leave the viewers with this important message; carafem will be there for you. Always. It is our goal to ensure every client feels supported through all stages of their at home abortion experience.

If you or someone you know needs sexual or reproductive health care, visit our website to learn more and get started.