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11 Gifts for the Pro-Abortion Bestie in Your Life

This holiday season, embrace the spirit of reproductive freedom, abortion access, sexual pleasure, and bodily autonomy! Providing abortion is an act of radical love and community care, which the holidays are all about. That’s why as an abortion provider, we’re here to sprinkle some reproductive joy and highlight the importance of choice during this festive season with a gift guide full of pro-abortion gift ideas. Most of these items benefit abortion funds, providers, or ally organizations, so you can also contribute to abortion access while shopping 💖

What better way to show your support for reproductive rights than by exchanging pro-abortion presents with your loved ones? Or for yourself! Check out our guide of 11 gifts for the pro-abortion bestie in your life to help smash some abortion stigma💥❄️Grab some hot cocoa, cozy up, and let’s spread some abortion joy!

And, if you’re looking for even more gift-giving inspiration, check out our gift guide from last year as well!

1. Pro Abortion Jewelry

In the year of Barbie, this pink and sparkling “Abortion” necklace in the iconic Barbie font, is the absolute perfect gift for that Barbie, Ken, or Allan in your life! We’re certain Margot Robbie as Barbie would rock these Mife-Miso medication abortion earrings paired with this Abortion necklace to a ~giant blow-out party with all the Barbies and planned choreography and a bespoke song.

2. Everyone Loves Someone Who Had An Abortion Button or Throw Blanket

Our friends over at The Outrage have partnered with We Testify to create this stunning floral throw blanket with the slogan “Everyone knows someone who had an abortion.” As an added bonus, the throw blanket and button means this beautiful way to support abortion storytellers is available no matter your budget!

3. Merch from carafem’s Brand New Online Store!

We definitely can’t make a holiday gift guide without plugging the amazing abortion merch by yours truly, recently revamped and expanded! carafem’s merch combines beautiful artwork with rad slogans from Abortion, Yeah We Do That and Power to the Abortion Pill to Freedom to Choose and simply Destigmatize Abortion. Check out all the options at carafem’s Online Merch Store.

4. Recently Published Pro-Abortion Books

As true reading lovers, we are always on the lookout for more anything written about abortion, and both You or Someone You Love and Deep Care were wonderful books published this year. In this beautiful reflection of what it means to collectively achieve reproductive freedom and take care of each other, Hannah Matthews wrote what can only be called a heartfelt love note to abortion seekers, providers, and doulas. Meanwhile, Deep Care is an in-depth following of the work of community abortion providers starting in the 1970s, and their commitment and fight to care for their communities regardless of the law.

5. Make Your Own Abortion Sticker Pack

Slapping pro-abortion stickers on just about everything we own (journals, water bottles, laptop cases, etc) is certainly our love language. To elevate stickers as a holiday gift, we put together the perfect abortion access and education DIY sticker pack for you by combining a pre-made sticker sheet from I Need An A with these stickers from artist Sarah Epperson! There’s even a sticker Sarah made in collaboration with Plan C Pills to help spread awareness about abortion pills by mail.

6. Pro-Abortion Art Prints

Supporting your fav pro-abortion artists also means your home or office can be as beautiful and bold as your support for abortion access ✊We’ve long known that Frog and Toad are gay icons, but did you also know they’re pro-abortion icons too?! This print from Sanna Legan is the perfect gift for the pro-abortion frog to your toad this holiday season. Liberal Jane, aka Caitlin Blunnie, a queer reproductive justice artivist, knows that all of our rights are entwined, and the fight for reproductive justice is a collective struggle. This print from Liberal Jane will show your commitment to fighting against abortion bans everywhere, because people in the South and Midwest deserve abortion access too!

7. Abortion Heart Koozie

Just because the weather is getting colder doesn’t mean your hands have to be cold from your drink! This adorable drink koozie from Shout Your Abortion is available in 9 colors and has stolen our ~heart.~ With prices starting at only $5, you can grab one for you and your besties!

8. Fund Abortion Holographic Fanny Pack

It almost broke our hearts last year when we heard that this fanny pack was almost discontinued. Luckily, the amazing people over at the National Network of Abortion Funds brought this absolutely essential item back! It’s not a want, it’s a need. Holographic hands-free abortion access? Yes please!

9. Sex: The Gender Neutral Board Game

We couldn’t write a gift guide without including something for your pleasure! Last year, we recommended buying some sex toys or ethical porn for yourself or your special someone, and we’re so *excited* to share our find this year with you! With this interactive and exploratory sex-positive game, you and your boo(s) will create pleasure, connection, and joy.

10. Radical Abortion Sweatshirts

As we enter the winter months, these sweatshirts will keep you cozy while you’re volunteering as an abortion clinic escort, during an at home medication abortion, or during an in-office abortion! With proceeds benefiting either ACCESS: A Podcast About Abortion or the Abortion Fund of Ohio, you or your loved one will be warmed by the thought that their gift is supporting abortion access!

11. Set up a Sustainable, Monthly Donation for carafem

Last but certainly not least, you can also make a donation to carafem in honor of a friend or loved one. One time donations will support our efforts to provide high-quality, compassionate abortion care both online and in person. Setting up a monthly donation can help carafem even further sustain this urgent work. As more people lose access to abortion care in their communities and as attacks on abortion seekers and providers intensify, carafem is working diligently to expand abortion access and increase the quality of care. Donations to carafem are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

We hope this gift guide will offer you inspiration! Wishing you radical, joyful, restorative, and pro-abortion holidays from your friends at carafem💞

BTW, throughout the holiday season, carafem is here for you! If you need abortion care, birth control, or STI testing and treatment, give us a call at 1-855-SAY-CARA or get care online.